Adam Vicelich
Without You
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Without You

Without you I'd be lost without a trace
Without you I would have no hiding place
Only you can give me the strength
To keep doing what I do
I would not be able to, without you

Without you I'd be alone in my bed
There would be, there'd be nowhere to rest my head
I know you understand
The way I feel inside
Who else could I turn to, without you?

And I know you make it easy
To be by your side
And I know that you're thinking of me
That's all I need

Without you, I could not be myself
Without you I'd be acting like someone else
Only you see me
For who I really am
I can't be who I want to, without you

Without you my life would be so wrong
No one here, no one would hear my song
I know you believe in
Everything I am
I don't know what I would do, without you
I don't know what I would do, without you

Words and music by:
Adam Vicelich
© 2011
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Song Length: 4:26
Primary Genre: Pop-Rock
Secondary Genre: -
Mood 1: Endearing
Language: English
Era: 2000 and later